Now accepting Medicare & Workers Compensation Plans

We help with insurance reimbursment. Please call for verification.

Major credit cards, Flexible Healthcare plans & variable payment plans accepted.

Initial Visit & Report of Findings 

A detailed comprehensive exam is done on each patient. Once we compile our exam results, each patient is educated on their injury,treatment plan and home care instruction.

Routine Visit

Chiropractic Adjustment/ follow up consult (other physiotherapies available upon request).

Home Visitation

Throw out your back? That old pinched nerve act up again?

Many chronic injuries can cause one to be incapacitated and bed ridden. In many cases these are not conditions that warrant ER care. Where most facilities require you to travel, Dr. Jodi Jacobs Will come to you!


Established patients of Dr. Jacobs (within a 30 mile radius of her NYC office) are given the advantage of home care. 


Appointments can be made online, however we recommend that in emergent cases patients should call us first.

Monthly Packages

We have several Packages

Book your packages online


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