Many athletes have shared their chiropractic testimony. Read what many of Dr. Jodi's patients have to say about her amazing treatment. If you would like to share your story, be sure to check out Jodi L. Jacobs DC on yelp.

"Its like, SPA meets health care

I didnt want to leave the table! I have never felt so relaxed at the Doctors office."
-Janice M.

"She is a real pleasure...

She sat in for my regular Dr. one day, and when she was done. I was ready to switch and make her my main doc. My arthritis has NEVER felt this good. She is pleasant and kind hearted. She talks you through any procedure and I Loved it!"
-Cindy W.

"She loves her job...

I've been seen by Dr. Jodi for a year. She's great! She works to the best of her ability to provide for her patient's understanding and comprehension."
-Orphise F.G.


Kind, Caring and Dedicated doctor.
-Christian Jimenez C.

"Dr. Jodi mixes professionalism...

With comfort, catering to my health needs. When I was referred to Dr. Jodi, I had no idea who I was being sent to. An absolute pleasure it is to see her.
-Jean L.

"I find Dr. Jodi to be...

a competent and compassionate Doctor."
-Linda B.

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